Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Less than a week!

So keeping up on my blog everyday until I leave may be a little harder than I thought. BUT I would like to say that it's because I don't have two things: 1. My computer and 2. Time. So let's backtrack to yesterday which was Tuesday, 7 days to go.

Tuesday went like this: Sleep in a bit (because I was up until 1:30am packing). Wake up early. Pack the car. Drive 4 hours to Dawn. Unpack car. Spend time with Dad. Spend time with Mom. Drive 4 hours to Springfield. Wash clothes. SLEEP. Well, not a very exciting day, but productive. One pile down. For those of you keeping track. :)

Today (Wednesday, 6 days to go) was a little more exciting! And, the best part is, my blog will reap the benefits of all my charlie horses from holding poses! I woke up early to meet my cousin Ike, owner of Ikeonography, for "The Traveling Wine Chick's" first photo shoot. First we discussed a semi-game plan, then headed out to Sequiota Park. We gave several hours, lots of poses, gallons of sweat (imagine 102 degrees on top of a rock with the sun hitting your face juuuuust right), and many laughs in order to get our shots. After an icy cold beverage at the conveniently located ice cream shop, we headed to a willow tree were we played with lighting to get some more awesome shots. It was a lot of fun spending time with Ike. I felt like a model and his pictures were amazingly beautiful as well as creative! I'm excited for tomorrow when I will go to take even more pictures with him, and for him to finish them up so I can post them on my blog to share the wonderful-ness of his work!

Speaking of case you didn't notice the teenie tiny new two-liner link on the right hand side of your screen; I've started to post pictures! The first official album is of my going away party at Bruno's and my surprise party at Vino100. Enjoy the pictures, please, because I can only upload them 5 at a time so it's a whole lot of effort...I'm working hard to keep you all reading! :) Stay tuned for another update, it's about to get crazy as I hit the 5 day mark!!

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