Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5

Guess what I did today???!!! If you said botteling line, you are exactly correct. I'm actually even going ot come in tomorrow morning until lunchtime to help with the last of it. I can safely say that I'm a professional cardboard seperator stuffer. :)

It was actually kind of nice to be on the line today. It gave me lots of time to think. I woke up in a not great mood this morning; my body was sore from my more-than-halfway uphill run yesterday morning and I was just cranky because today is my friend's birthday and she's not around for me to celebrate it with her. I'll forever be cranky on this day. Part of me still thinks it's unfair that she was only 15 when she left. She didn't get to experience anything. I hate that. My heart hurts for that. This, if anyone has every wondered is why I jump out of airplanes and off of bridges. This is why I went to Costa Rica and why I'm trying my best to live my dream life and didn't just stay at home and get married and have kids and be part of "the norm." I don't know a lot about my life, what I want to do, where I want to live, but I know that when I die I will have some amazing stories for people to tell about me. So having time to think was good because it's always good to remember my friend, but thinking was bad at the same time because it just made me even sadder.

No worries, because I started to cheer up after awhile because my friends in the Cantina were far too nice to me for me to be in a bad mood. They are so funny, it's like watching a bunch of brothers pick on each other all day long. Quite entertaining.

Anywho, tonight I decided that I should just go home to have dinner and sit and relax. Maybe I'll finally read some more of my book or even study my Italian verbs. Tomorrow should be a very busy day though; work in the morning, home to eat and shower, out to shop or relax by the pool, then out to dinner with Daniella and out to happy hour, and then to VENICE for dancing and what looks to be an AMAZING discoteca. I am EXCITED. Woo Hoo VENICE HERE I COME...FINALLY!!!


  1. Hi Girl, My heart is with you on your friends birthday. You are doing a great job of making her and all of us proud!
    love, robyn

  2. Hey There, Guess you didn't get the minutes added to your card. Everytime I try to call it is just silence. Glad we got to chat for a few minutes. I hope that you have a relaxing night and it sounds like tomorrow will be a very fun and exciting day. Wish I could say I would be going to Venice tomorrow night..okc will have to do. lol. love you lots. Sarah

  3. If you get a chance, you should try to go to this farm: and

    It was fascinating! I hope you have a great time and get to see lots!
    Love you bunches,
    Aunt Melinda and Uncle Ben

  4. Thanks for all the fun suggestions Aunt Mindy!! I will most likely have time to do that and Bologna!

  5. dad says put minuets on the card, i will transfer the money. need to hear your voice.
    love dad