Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day of Rest

Sunday! Today is all about resting up and relaxing, getting ready for another week. Most likely a harder week. Today I've been reading upstairs in the house in Antonio's library, which I failed to take a picture of. Tonight will be dinner with Antonion and his girlfriend Francesca then off to bed early so I can be ready for tomorrow.

Just a few things I've learned in general about Italian culture and just other things I want to mention:

1. Italian's on a mission move faster than my Mom moves through the grocery store. And my mom walks FAST. It's hard for me to keep up with my friends in the Cantina, especially since I'm constantly aware of all the water of the floor.

2. I love learning new languages and here's why- When you learn a language you learn very basic terms and words first. Which means when you talk to someone or they are talking back to you, everyone has to be a short and straight to the point as possible. Sometimes this means being incredibly blunt and honest about what is going on. I guess put shortly, I love that in new languages there's no way to "beat around the bush." New languages also come with a lot of funny blunders. For instance the other day my friend Manuel said to me, " Come on baby." When he wanted me to come to help me. I was incredibly quick in explaining to him that I was NOT his baby but only his friend. Then I had to try to explain the difference. Once he understood, he was pretty embarassed. I've had my fair share of those too. Most of the time I say something and everyone busts up laughing because I've pronounced something wrong and ended up saying something dirty.

3. I got to watch Dirty Italian. Loved it!

4. In Italy you can't drive a car until you are 18. If you are caught driving drunk you get your license, all the points on your license, and your CAR taken away from you. Also if you get caught driving in high heels you get points taken off your license and have to pay a hefty fee.

5. So far I have two nicknames: Mini WonderWoman and Mini Shakiera (because I know the Waka Waka song and it seems to be the Cantina theme song for the moment).


  1. Loved all the new pictures. It looks beautiful there. :) Love ya and hope you have a great week. :) Sarah

  2. Ciao amico mio! ^ ^ caloroso saluto!
    il tuo blog sembra bello 0_0

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