Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 3 alla Cantina

So day two was when the amazing bottling truck become the stupid truck with the stupid bottle that wouldn't stop coming down the line. As soon as I walked into the Cantina it was "Rachel, you put this in there and push through here." "Ho capito." Which means I understand and has because my personal catch phrase for this trip. So I stood there as the bottling machine spit out hundreds and hundreds of bottles filled with delicious Fattori wine into boxes and I was to put in the bottle seperators and push the boxes on through the taping machine. It was all very wonderful and fascinating until about 4 hours in. Noioso is my new word, it means BORING! :) Alessandro assured me that everyone had been in my spot at one time, and I found out later that night that usually the bottleling is all finished by the time harvest comes around, but this year the wine wasn't quite ready to harvest so they had to wait. It's actually good for me because I get to see more of the entire process! Either way, the work was boring but I understand that it has to be done.

After the bottleing for the day was done, I followed Agusto and Alessandro around and watched what they were doing. They were mixing yeast and adding it to the tanks so that the yeast could ferment and be ready to have the must or pure grape juice added in. I understood most of what was going on. Usually when I say "Ho capito," I'm getting about...60% of what they are saying and then when they show me, I actually understand. They have learned that I don't always undestand when they speak to me. But it was fun to walk around with the boys and see more of the process. I even got to see the machine that harvests the grapes. Which, I've been told that I won't acutally ever be going out into the fields. Sarah told me that it's nothing glamourous or exciting, it's just dirty juice falling down your arms as the bugs attack you....I think I prefer the winery with the vats of yeast. I went around last night and took pictures of the Cantina so that I can share them with everyone so they will be coming soon. I also spoke with Antonio about what I will offically be doing while I'm here. He told me that after Friday the bottleing will be done, Thank goodness! And then I will spend time with each of the main people in the winery to see what they all do. I'll spend time with Massimo, who does machinery, Alessandro, who takes care of adding the yeast and the fermentation process, and Agusto who manages everything. I'm excited about all the stuff I'm going ot learn, and those three people are the ones who are the best when it comes to explaining things to me.

That night Anotonio, Sarah, Ralfiella, and I went to get pizza at a beautiful pizzaria in MonteBello. It was delicious as always, however I'm worried that I'll ruin my appetite for pizza if I keep eating it every day of the week! After that home and to bed.

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