Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let me tell you...

Let me tell you just a little bit about how my days went on Thursday and Friday...

Thrusday started out wonderful, slow, but none the less nothing stressful. I went around with Giulia and to watch her do her enology stuff. I took notice to the fact that when she fills the cylinder with must to test the Babo (which I now know is the degree of sugar in the must...which is what I thought, but wanted to confirm with Google!) she has to keep the must from creating a foam. I noticed that to do this she pours the must from the tap on the vat exactly like I was taught, in my Bar and Beverage management class, to pour beer from a tap in order to achieve the perfect amount of foam on the beer...only she blows the foam off the top after she pours the perfect pour! After walking around with Giulia and playing secretary, taking notes, for her we were called into the office. Luckily it's not like high school and we weren't in trouble but there was an order to prepare in the warehouse. It was a rather large order in which all the boxes had to be made before we could fill them, and we were told that it needed to be done by the end of the evening... So we went into the warehouse to get started and shortly realized the the boxes we needed to make were at Antonio's house in the cellar. So we made a run to the house to bring as many of the boxes that we could stuff in the car (not to mention that we had ALREADY been ot the house that morning to get another type of box). We finally got everythign in place and were on our way taping boxes,labeling boxes, filling boxes, taping shut, and stacking the full boxes on to palete. About halfway through it was 5:00 and we were called and told that we needed to bring wine to the house for something. When we got to the house we were told to change our clothes and stay for a while because they were shooting a video for the Soave Wine consortium and they wanted Giulia and I to be in the video. *When I find out where the video is being posted I'll post the link so everyone can see, it should be pretty cool!* This process took us about two hours. We returned to work and finished almost all of our large order by 9:00 when we FINALLY got to go home. That night we went to a local bar, Jack the Ripper, with one of our friends from work to hear a band play. I was told that this band had won some sort of contest on MTV, Trio Loski. They were really good and the place was packed!

Friday morning is when, excuse the expression, the s**t hit the fan. Apparently we were supposed to GLUE not TAPE all of the boxes together...all 171 boxes that we were almost finished with were wrong. We had to re-do all of them. We had to un-pack the palates, take the bottles out of the boxes, break the boxes down, GLUE new boxes together, label the boxes, re-fill the boxes, GLUE the boxes shut, re-stack the was a loooooong day. I felt like this was my fault because I had filled an order once with this type of box and we had to tape the boxes together then too, but I thought that surely the other order was a special order and there was no way that anyone in the right mind would expect someone to hot glue together 171 boxes... Anyway, I had a pretty crappy morning on Friday. I felt bad because now not only did Giulia and I have to re-do everything we had already done, my friend had to take the blame for us not knowing to glue the boxes even though she wasn't really in charge of the project. However after lunch another friend told me that this happens, it wasn't my fault, and that sometimes things like this just happen (especially when you're new at a job, in a different country where you don't fully understand the language). By the afternoon the whole thing had blown over, the ending palate looked beautiful and Giulia and I can move on to the next big order...lesson learned.

Today Giulia and I walked from the house to the Cantina. It was a comfortable temperature outside and I took some beautiful pictures on the way. I posted them under Out with Friends. You'll see the pink flowers the I always smell on my runs and later today I'll take a picture of Ma Donna. Now we're headed to do grocery shopping because we both need food and laundry soap because all of our clothes are dirty. Tonight we are thinking of going to the local Enoteca who's anniversary is toinght and after we're not sure. This is the last Saturday I'll have with Giulia and I'm sad that she's leaving. I told her I'll call her school and tell them in Italian that she has to stay with me and then right after pretend like i don't understand what they are saying to me. :) That's all for now, until...later!

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  1. Hey girl!!! This is Robyn!!!! Sorry this is so late but I hope you had a great Birthday this year!! What a memorable one! Matt and I are keeping you in our thoughts and love reading your blog when we can find time :)

    love you lots and happy belated bday!!!