Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm here and safe

Just a quick update to say I'm here with Colleen and her family in Tuscany and I'm safe. I made it to Cinque Terre and had a wonderful time with my friend and he has gone on home to Rome and I will be harvesting olives and making olive oil until Tuesday morning when I will go with my new found friend (Colleen's long time friend) Sharon to Lucca then Pisa and then to Rome to stay there with Andrew for a bit of time. After Tuesday afternoon when I have more time I will write to all about everything that has been happening and how amazingly wonderful and how much more I Love Italy now more than ever (however the best friends are still from the Veneto and I still miss them very much). There will also be LOTS and LOTS of pictures. For now, I will go to enjoy life and company as it is happening. Ciao!

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