Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daiiiii, che mattina!!!

So this morning...was in interesting morning to say the least. I woke up and wrote a note to Antonio saying that I would run down to the Cantina and that I would see him when I got there. So when I was in the shower I heard him leave, but when I got outside the Audi was still parked in the garage. He took the Maserati to work. I thought, "Okay, yesterday I asked him if I could use the car today to run some errands, so he must've just left the Audi for me to drive. I can run and then finish at the house and the drive to the cantina..." So I ran, I finished at the house, and took another shower (because that hill is killer). When I got in the car to start didn't start. Nothing, niente, nada. But why not?!?! So I had to walk, after I had already ran for the morning all the way to the cantina, with all of my things. So I started off, and on the way I stopped in a store in the tiny town of Roncá to buy some birthday cards. As I was leaving the owner of the store asked me if I could do her a favor and be in some pictures for her advertisments. At first I said no, then I said okay, maybe later when I return in Nov...then I was walking and got about five minutes away and decided, "well, why not?" So I went back and told her I would do it. Tomorrow we take the pictures for her Christmas advertisments. I'll let you know how it goes! After this I saw a grocery store. I was in need of a bit more food for the next couple of days before i leave and also I wanted ot bring a treat for everyone at lunch since I am leavning on Friday. So I went in, did my shopping, and came out with a bag...a heavy bag, full of groceries. I thought this store was close to the winery...however, I thought wrong. I ended up walking about 30 minutes with all these groceries, switching from hand to hand and sweating to death because i had put on my warmest long sleeve shirt so that I wouldn't be cold in the Cantina...daaaaaiii ( which is like saying, oh my goodness!!!). When I FINALLY got to Franco's house where we all eat lunch it was exactly noon. I was hot, and sweaty, and couldn't feel my arms. It's a story that I've told several times, and it still makes me laugh...

Now I can say I've been in a Costa Rica soap opera, a promotional video for Soave wine consortitum, and on advertisments for a photo shop in Roncá Italy...I guess I was in that calendar for cheerleading once too... maybe I should give up on finding a steady job and just be a model. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding Dad, KIDDING.

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  1. Enjoy your last few days at the Cantina. We love you!! Sarah and Philip