Friday, March 1, 2013

Guten Morgen!!!

Frankfurt Germany was a difficult place for me to love. I have never felt so far out of my comfort zone. It was weird to hear people speaking and not even be able to catch a word here or there. Now to be fiat I didn't get much time away from the program and there was no pre or post extension journey this time as I was entertaining some pretty important company back at home. Also my first impression of real German food came from the event center's cafeteria. It was an awful looking piece of meat that had a very distinct shimmer of green to its color and was served with gravy covered veggies and iceberg lettuce and NO dessert. They were hard-fetched to win me over after this.

The only true German experience came from the night before we left at the magical place where it's Christmas every day, the Christmas market. The market was biggest at the city center where it was surrounded by the cute gingerbread looking houses of the town's square. In the middle was a giant carousel who's yellow lights and detailed animals would trip you out a little after too many gluwiens. The side of the market boasted a huge Christmas tree next to a large manger scene. The booths were decorated to match the theme and sold just about anything you could imagine. There were booths of wood carvings, wax creations, Christmas ornaments, paintings, bread booths, bars, popcorn, Wiener schnitzel, and the best most amazing booth of them all was the candy booth. So many gummies in so many flavors with candy ropes and dried fruits. It was a booth so long that you could see from one side to the other. It was beautiful.

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