Thursday, September 16, 2010

Observation time

I have noticed lately

- That the Italian "Uh Huh" meaning "Yes" sounds exactly like our "Uh Uh" meaning "No." This could be a problem when you say, "Do I stop the pump now?"

- I now speak with the Italian grammer structure to my Italian friends...IN ENGLISH. This is normal because I remember this happening with Spanish as well, but if I come to you and say I am going to the house of Antonio in stead of Antonio's house, don't be surprised.

- Another fun habit I have picked up on is I think a dielect habit. When my friends finish telling a story they say "e basta" meaning "and stop" can you guess what I say at the end of my stories now in English?

- I have been shocked and made to blush several times by the amount of nudity I find in public. I have seen advertisments in local newspapers, magazines, TV that don't include the black censory blocks. A little different way of thinking then US publicity huh? The first time I saw an uncensored adverstisement I stoped and made sure the newpaper I was looking at wasn't a dirty nudie magazine...nope, it was the local paper from that morning! I don't know if I can get used to that.

- Not only in Italy do I need to learn a new spoken language, but a new hand gesture language as well. The way they say "number 1" with their hands looks more like that thumbs up to me. The "come here" looks more like they are shooing something away from themselves. The equivlient to our middle finger involves the whole arm and a slapping motion. They also have a few I haven't figured out what they mean yet, but I see them use them all the time.

Also new photos in Days at Work, Casa Fattori, and Out with Friends!!!

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  1. I am sure you would much rather be in a small cubicle looking out a small window entering applications!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been really busy so I have not had much time to view your adventures. Enjoy!!!!!! Dennis