Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is what I know so far...

1. I need to pack gym clothes and tennis shoes. (Can anyone say grape-picking?) :) But don't worry, I won't be like the illegal foreigners we have working in the US of A. I'll be legally in the country on a tourist visa working for room and board and not for money. Perfectly legal. However the foreigner part I can't really get around!

2. I will be staying with Sarah. Sarah is Antonio's ex-wife. I'm thinking (and hoping) that they must still be on good terms. My contact, Giorgia, tells me that I am to stay with Sarah because she is English and we can easily communicate.

3. I will have access to the business' computer and internet service, which is great news for my blog followers!

4. I've been asked if I can drive a manual shift...I'm imagining myself in a big tractor type thing right now...

5. If I plan to use anything that plugs in from the US I will need to buy an adaptor. I'm thinking my hair drier and straighter won't fit in my backpack anyway. Looks like I'm going all na-tu-ral, curly for the trip.

6. This is going to be an amazing adventure.


  1. YAY! And you have FAB new shoes to go with you!!!!!